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AccuBubble™ Electronic Gas Mixer Monitoring
AccuBubble™ is an electronic monitoring system that fully automates the oversight of large gas piston-bubble mixers in anaerobic digester facilities. Continually tracking the performance of all digester mixers, AccuBubble ensures the efficiency of the mixing system and of the anaerobic digestion process for optimal biogas production and biosolids disposal volume reduction. This unique system prompts maintenance procedures before digester performance is compromised and eliminates manual oversight activities. Programmable alarm levels make AccuBubble suitable for all plant conditions and configurations.
AccuBubble makes plant operation especially cost-effective and convenient when used in conjunction with Claro Big Bubble Gun Mixers™, which have a non-clog design and fail-safe flushing capabilities that enable the cleaning of bubble injector internals without tank drainage or digester downtime. Please also see Claro Big Bubble Gun Mixers.™
Design features & advantages
  • 24/7 electronic monitoring of digester mixing system with integration to plant PLC / Scada
  • Ensures optimal biogas production and biosolids disposal volume reduction
  • Ensures optimal mixing efficiency, which helps protect against heavy particle deposition and unnecessary digester clean-out maintenance
  • State-of-the-art processor, monitor, and Windows platform; single computer serial port connection supports multiple displays and 60 probes using programmable addresses
  • CSA / UL approved: standard and explosion-proof enclosure options
  • Simple in-field installation and wiring connections (only 4 wires)
  • No need for manual calibration/field maintenance after start-up
  • Flexible system easily integrated into existing digester / plant config.
AccuBubble™ Electronic Digester Mixer Monitoring System
AccuBubble™ Piston-Bubble Mixer Performance Activity Display