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Shaftless Spirals and Liners
Claro shaftless spiral screws and trough liners are backed by over 25 years of research and applications experience. Whether for a new system or for a spare parts retrofit, Claro provides spiral configurations that maximize conveyor system performance and spiral life. Let us improve the performance of your current shaftless or shafted auger conveyor system.
Claro supplies both shaftless and shafted augers, however, for a description of why well-engineered shaftless spiral conveyor systems are often a better technology choice over other approaches, please see Claro Conveyors.

Design features & advantages
  • Claro shaftless spirals are precision-manufactured from special micro-alloy steel or stainless steel that is deformation, abrasion, and acid-resistant
  • Complex double and triple profile shaftless spirals / screws main, insert, and edging for optimal spiral rigidity, weight, and process performance
  • Can be fitted with brushes, special wear protection coatings such as Hardox, and paired with low-friction Claro trough-liners to suit specific application requirements
  • Special heat resistant spirals for incinerator and other extreme heat applications available
  • Variety of liners including special low friction liners for wet applications that last 10+ years
  • Liners that provide longer life and easier replacement than Hardox bar welding or grinding
  • Simple quick-clip approach to liner installation no glues, screws, or welding
  • Prompt delivery of spirals and liners
Claro Shaftless Spirals - Special Micro Alloy Steel
Claro Trough Liners (Easy-Clip Installation)